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Best of Black and White Wedding Photos

October 20, 2022

Wedding Tips

Timeless. Epic. Magical. All words to describe black and white wedding photos. These photos are so fun to create! The details just seem to stand out from the background. If your wedding photographer asks you if you want black and white photos… Say YES! Here is why:

With ALL the wedding trends that come and go every year, one style that has never changed is black and white photos. The biggest thing photographers will tell you is that they show so much emotion in a single photo. After all, if a photo is in black and white, the ONLY thing to look at is emotion. The color trends, flowers, suit color, etc… All these things don’t matter! I think this is why so many people LOVE black and white photos! You see all the RAW emotions and the LOVE that wedding couples have for each other.

No matter your style of wedding, whether it’s classic, boho, rustic, garden, or modern, black and white wedding portraits will still be absolutely amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad B&W wedding photo! A little extra tip: black and white photos make GREAT house décor too!

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