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How To Get Wedding Photos You Love

October 24, 2022

Photography Tips

You clicked on this blog thinking I would say look up wedding photo ideas on Pinterest and take them with you to every wedding photo session to get the wedding photos you love, didn’t you? Well… unfortunately, I will be saying the opposite! You will be disappointed when you get your edited photos back if you did that. Why you say? You have created an unrealistic expectation for your photographer, your partner, and you. No photo will come out exactly like the inspiration photo, which will leave you unhappy. Being a photographer, it’s my job to let you know that! BUT, it’s also my job to share tips for your photos to turn out even better!

Before I share my tips, it’s important to note that ALL Shalae Byrd Couples receive the ULTIMATE wedding guide with all the tips to prepare and get the best photos for every session!

Book a photographer you love.

You need a photographer you can trust, communicate easily with, and like their style of photography!

Book your photographer for every wedding session.

Booking your photographer for every session throughout your engagement and wedding will keep all your photos looking the same! Every photographer takes photos and edits differently!

Communicate with your photographer.

Always, always, always be very forward with your photographer and let him/her know your thoughts! We always want to know what you like, what you’re expecting, and etc! If you have that Pinterest photo you are just dying to recreate, let’s try to recreate it! If it doesn’t work out, I always have some fun alternatives to try!

Let loose and have fun!

One of my BIGGEST things I tell couples when shooting their engagement session or wedding is let loose and DO NOT worry about always trying to be camera ready. If you are having the time of your life and showing genuine emotions, I promise your photos will be SPECTACULAR!!


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