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Is There A Best Time To Have A Wedding?

November 23, 2022

Wedding Tips

One of the biggest questions I get asked is: Is there a best time to have a wedding? According to Google, there is! Google would say June, September, and October are the best months to plan a wedding, with June being the most popular because of the weather. But I say… The best time to have a wedding is when YOU and the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE want to get married. Whether we are talking about the season, the month, the day, or the time, the best time to have a wedding is when you want to have a wedding.

Now, even though is there no best time to have a wedding, there IS a best time for wedding photos. Being a wedding photographer, I have to think about the weather, the lighting, the location, all the things! So, for me, there IS a best time to shoot bride and groom portraits, ceremony photos, and more! Let’s dive into that!


As I mentioned above, the most popular month for a wedding is in June because of the weather. The weather hasn’t gotten too hot, rain chances are slim, and the sun sets much later at night!


April showers bring May flowers! Spring weddings are my favorite! The perfect weather and beautiful florals! You can never go wrong with a spring wedding, except the allergies!!


Winter weddings are the least popular time for weddings, but can be SO gorgeous, especially if you’re in snow! You can use unique florals and greenery! Take advantage of the slow season and book your favorite vendor!

winter wedding


2 out of the 3 months Google said were the best months to have a wedding are during fall. Fall weather never disappoints. The leaves changing makes for great photos, cooler weather after a hot summer and you can throw in fall wedding items!

fall wedding at Osage House

Whichever time you choose for your wedding, your close family and friends will be there. They are there to celebrate you and your fiancé, no matter the season, the month, the day, or the time!

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