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Skincare and Makeup Tips for Great Wedding Photos

November 18, 2022

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This one is NOT just for my brides… guys can get pampered, too! This is one topic I couldn’t wait to write about. Do you want to your skin to glow for all your wedding photography sessions? Do you want to feel confident and gorgeous? Best question: Do you want to get *compliments* on your skin and makeup on your wedding day?! You need to keep reading to hear my skincare and makeup tips for great wedding photos!


Like I said above, skincare starts plenty of months in advance of your wedding. If you take anything from this blog at all, INVEST IN GOOD SKINCARE. Maintaining a well-developed skincare routine for 3 months before your wedding will do you wonders. Not only will this give you the “skin glow” you are wanting, but it also gives you a better chance of being able to skip the facials a week before the wedding.

If you’re looking for a timeline of events of when to do skincare for your wedding, here it is:

3 months prior – Start skincare! Every morning and every night.

1 month prior – Make sure you do not start any new skincare a month prior to your wedding!

1 week prior – Get a facial. A facial one week prior to your wedding gives your skin time to depuff and become very hydrated! Do NOT get any type of peel or extractions facials. We don’t want any irritation to the skin!

1-2 days prior – For the gals – Shave your face! Shaving your face helps with makeup application – big time!

Day of wedding – Hydrate & Moisturize! Moisturize & Hydrate!


Girls, if you didn’t take my advice above when I said, “INVEST IN GOOD SKINCARE,” please take this advice… A HAIR AND MAKEUP ARTIST IS WORTH EVERY PENNY. With all the planning you are doing with the engagement session, bridal portraits, and wedding, the last thing you want to worry about is if you’ll have time to do your own makeup or hair. Hire a makeup artist and get pampered, you deserve it!  

Your makeup artist might want to schedule a “trial run” to learn your skin and how it handles different makeup products. IF you have followed my guide to good skin above… your makeup is going to be fire. Obviously, you want your makeup to look the best it ever has, so a good tip I like to follow is: Use more natural face makeup. Keep the foundation thin. Glam up the eyes. Your eyes (eyeshadow, eye liner, lashes, and brows) are what brings all of your makeup together and determines how “glam” it is. You can always go darker on the eyes, not the face!

Below are some of my favorite bride and groom looks! Try out my skincare and makeup tips for great wedding photos!

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