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Engagement Session Checklist

November 3, 2022


After crossing off some of the hardest things to do after getting engaged (like choosing your wedding date, booking a venue, or booking your wedding photographer and videographer), you can finally enjoy some time together! First of the fun duties is your engagement session! I like to tell my couples the engagement photo session is like a practice run for your big day. Of course, you want your photos to be awesome, and I have created an engagement session checklist on how to get the best wedding photos, BUT they are also for me to learn all your angles and how you interact with each other, so your wedding day photos come out EVEN BETTER!

If you have booked me as a wedding photographer, you know that I provide you with the ULTIMATE wedding guide that talks very in depth about everything you could imagine, from a sample timeline breakdown to what happens if it rains! The Engagement Session Checklist is one of my favorite parts of my guide because you don’t know how much goes into your engagement session until I break it down for you. Obviously, I can’t tell you all my secrets or it wouldn’t be the ultimate guide my couples! Here is what I will do though… I will give you a sneak peek… a little teaser to what you COULD have!

I’m going to skip outfit talk for your engagement session because I have another blog talking ALL about What to Wear for Your Engagement Session!


Think outside the box. Choose a place that has sentimental value to both of you, choose a destination session if you can’t have a destination wedding, or choose a place like a luxury resort, country club, or family ranch!


Choose the best time depending on the current season.

                        WINTER: DEC – MAR 3PM-5PM

                        SPRING: APR 5:30PM – 7:30PM | MAY 6PM – 8PM

                        SUMMER: JUN – AUG 6:30PM – 8:30PM

                        FALL: SEPT 5:30PM – 7:30PM | OCT 5PM – 7PM | NOV 3PM – 5PM


There’s no such thing as too dressed up. Check out  What to Wear for Your Engagement Session for tips on what to wear and a style guide!


Let’s do an activity. If you have an activity you both love doing together, let’s do it! These are great alternatives to just one standing location!


Bring some props with you to switch things up. Some couples love props, and some do not! Either is totally okay with me! Some great props are a vintage car, champagne, or even your dogs!


You matter most. Wear something that makes you feel your best, let loose with your personality, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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