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What’s To Come in 2023

December 31, 2022

Wedding Tips

We are days away from 2023, and people want to know… What are the new wedding trends? What wedding trends are making a comeback?

Check out this list of some things we expect to see for 2023 weddings:

Candid and natural wedding photos

I have always been a huge fan of natural and candid photos! They really show you and your partner’s personality, and you can literally see the love in the photos!

Using disposable cameras

I LOVE this new trend that is taking off! There are many ways to use disposal cameras in your wedding, but my favorite is having them on every table for your guests to take photos! You can develop them after your big day and have a blast looking through all of them!

I also bring my old digital point to every wedding I shoot! It makes for great candid photos at your reception! So fun!

Giving freedom to bridesmaids to pick their own dress

You want your bridesmaids to feel beautiful in whatever dress they wear, but also keep your colors and theme! A great option is to give your bridesmaids the color or pattern of what you want them to wear and let them choose the style!

Two dresses

One dress for the ceremony. One dress for the reception.

Using TikTok for wedding inspiration

If you aren’t using TikTok for wedding inspiration, you 100% need to! People share SO many ideas that they did in their weddings! There is a huge community for all of you planning your wedding!

Shift to more destination or smaller weddings

Personally, I’m a fan of a destination wedding! Read my Destination Weddings: How To!

Colorful, whimsical weddings

2023 is the year for color! Bring it all!

I’ve included a gallery of some of the trends in action! I can’t wait to see more trends in 2023!

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