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October 3, 2022

Photography Tips, Wedding Tips, Weddings

We all know wedding day can be a very stressful and overwhelming day. You have SO much going on around you! With your wedding planner asking you questions, your mom trying to calm you down (but we all know, it just makes it worse), or your soon-to-be partner leaves their suit at home… So much happening, right?! Today, I want to share a wedding day photography “checklist” to make sure you get every moment captured so you can always relive the memory.

When I arrive on your big wedding day, I always shoot your details. You can check out my previous blog that shares all the details you will want to have ready when I, or your wedding photographer, arrives here. Pre-ceremony, I will also shoot solos of the soon-to-be newlyweds. This would also be the time I can shoot bridesmaids/groomsmen/attendants first look, family photos, and anything else that you wish!

Ceremony time, of course, we must get the classics with all the angles. And after the first kiss… It’s time to celebrate! Before the reception, we are getting all the family photos, all the wedding party fun photos, and of course, your newlywed portraits!   Lastly, it’s time for you to dance and cherish the night away without a worry in the world that I am missing a single moment of your fairytale wedding.

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